2 Haziran 2017

Badoo Desktop 1 Portable 64-Bit Free Download

Badoo Desktop 1 +Portable 64-Bit Free Download

Badoo Desktop 1


Bado is a social network to meet new people and share knowledge. You can create and manage your profile, new friends in your city, and speak. While the application is free, some features require in-app purchases.

Atoparnovo’s friends on Saturday

The first thing you do on Saturday is to create your profile. This includes photos, personal information, interests and his biography. You can choose how much to share on your profile.

Dazvalyaevy networkSocialatopar new friends based on their city, with filters such as gender, age, and more. If you find someone you are interested in, you can see your profile, view your photos and communicate. If you have the full version on Saturday, you can limit the number of Denov contacts that can send messages.

Bado offers other communication functions, such as chat rooms or anonymous encounters, where you can see and vote or vote the photos of another personNot to meet with anyone else.

Funciónsnos their profilidazvalyayuts see a list of people to contact, create a list of selected users, people who are blacklisted, and see who viewed your profile.

The photos are the first

Bado interface oriented images. If you are looking at other profiles, you will see that the Saturday is focused on showing user photos. In the application menu and intuitive.

Desktop Notifications

Bado Desktop is inThe taskliste pakazatsapavyashchennyae has links to social networks. If you want to see parts of the network, you must click the Selected option.

Application new people to meet

Bado is a popular social network new amigos.poboación users to meet is great, but remember that some features require a purchase require the application.

Badoo Desktop 1

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20 Mayıs 2017

Ma Config 7 32-Bit Download

Ma Config 7 32-Bit Download

Ma Config 7


Although the use of all computer systems are easier to use than the previous year’s heavy equipment is often required fine tuning the site a little to achieve operating trouble-free and efektyvnayaptymalny. Ma-Config useful free scans your system to recognizehardware and software components and how to present yourself to boot disk hardware and the corresponding software update if it detects a problem.

Keep your system running smoothly

And a complete hardware and software of their paslugMa-ConfigProfiling helps identify mismatched or outdated driver can cause uncertainty and slow down your system. The software provides a complete overview of the system and advise potential kanfliktav.Dadatak software and hardware components and provides a continuummaterial properties, such as temperature and voltage, and you can analyze the report of the accident on the operating system of your choice dapamoginyembambachini problems.

PC Tune-Up Your Area

If your system is too slow or unreliable Ma-Config can help you determineproblem. Or you can save the settings to help you recover your system in the event of abnormal development in the future.

Ma Config 7

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9 Mayıs 2017

Sandboxie 5.18 FastDL download free

Sandboxie 5.18 FastDL download free

Sandboxie 5.18


When browsing the web, changes will take place on your computer. Some of them may be harmful, such as installing unwanted malware. When you use Sandboxie to protect your session, understand all these changes, as well as the browser, it’s about to apply to your computer. Sandboxie changes registered in browser name but put them in a special folder, the so-called sandbox.

Trust for more than 10 years by hundreds of milesmorethan people1100and organizations around the world

– Secure Web Browsing: Fill your web browser Sandboxie to download any malicious software by preventing the browser, damage to the machine

– Enhanced privacy: The history, cookies, and temporary files stored in the sandbox are not on your machine

– Safe Social Networking: Click on the left of Twitter and Facebook updates without fear of social networking worm infected machine

– Secure email: You can hide other malicious softwareTheir email attachments can not get out of the sandbox and infect your machine

– Keep your system safe without installing software on Windows-insulated container

What’s New:

Now Makers Support Windows Update.

Firefox multiprocessor architecture (electrolysis) is now supported in Win 7 and later.

Problem solved by clicking on hyperlinks Office, so I do not know to force the IE.

Sites TLSGoogle error by clicking on IE has been resolved.

Corrected fact thatTo start the IE while using Microsoft User Experience Virtualization (VDU).

Added support for Opera Neon.

Model made for Roboform.

Fixed Chrome 56 long lasting process.


Crack snow to victory

Sandboxie 5.18

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