5 Mayıs 2017

WinRAR v5.50 32bit-64bit free download

WinRAR v5.50 32bit-64bit free download

WinRAR v5.50


WinRAR benefits of data compression advanced support absolutely formats including RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, ACE, TAR, gzip, Uue, ISO, BZIP2, Z and 7-Zip. It allows you to create, organize and manage documents how comfortable and fast.

Feature richlineup

The compression algorithm used to create complex small archives, saving disk space and makes sharing files. Audio and graphics files benefit from a special collection algorithm, one that does not compromisenotmake to kualiti.Ia including Windows Explorer shortcuts for easy access and supports drag and drop as well.

WinRAR also provides possibilities to split archives into several parts; In this way,A large collection is divided into other small, which makes it a great way to share large files.

Advanced security and ease of use

If you want to get your files,You can always protect your data with a password, while movement Repaircomes in handy when you’re trying to resolve collect broken.

Besides the fact that it is doing a great job when it comes to compressingFiles, WinRAR also integrates specific features that allow you to manage documents with a single click. You can back up files to youre compression, you can test files maintained and you can still carry the virus scannerdecompressing, without putting the data stored on your computer at risk.

compressionquickly and efficient

During our test, compression and decompression process worked amazingly fast, and that should happen in your case too,At least if your computer can handle the task.

The only problem you can experience strictly related to hardware resources, as working with 3 or 4 archives at the same time can helpoverwhelming for a slow computer.

All great

All in all, WinRAR compression categories standardthe the industry. It allows you to format compression using the interface simple and very high speeds provided by the complex engine hidden underHood.

WinRARsudah come to one of the most advanced feature set currently on the market and even if they are not offered for free, it is also one of the compression that you can installWindows.

What’s new in Version Winrar: What’s new VersionBeta 1:

beta 1

1. WinRAR and RAR command line using the default format RAR archives.

You can convert avi format compatible with the choice RAR4

Command line switches or collecting interest-ma4.

If you want to format RAR default, use it;

Set button and setting compression WinRAR RAR4

The conversation appears.

This change affects only new clean install.If you have saved

RAR compression format, the default profile versionpreviously,

WinRAR settings saved it.

2. Set the master password in the password box deal

Encryption record stored passwords and protecting them from unauthorized


If the password is stored is protected by the master password,you

indukdan encrypted password Click OK to immediately access

Them. If the password does not match the master password,

It is considered normal operation forarchive.

Once entered,The master password is valid until WinRAR closed.

Close WinRAR and open it again after master password

If you want to see how work protection. Enter right and then

The master passwordthe protection of unencrypted previously

Password record.

WinRAR version format data password untukpenganjur new

The password stored in the password dialog ranking can not be read

byversionolder. It does not affect encoding format store

And encrypted storage compatible with previous versions WinRAR.

The information is converted to the new format when you save it

And immediately after installationWinRAR.

3. Prompt proposal to set a master password is displayed

When storing passwords in a file compression program. You can

Master password to encrypt data in the laluandisimpan Registry

And protect it from allowedaccessnot. You will need to enter

Password master password conversation quickly access

After a compression profile.

Once entered, the master password is valid until WinRAR closed.

Close WinRAR and open it again after master password

If you want to see how work protection.

4.By default, WinRAR uses AES -256 encryption in CTR postal documents.

While AES -256 is far more secure than postal heritage

penyulitanalgoritma, it may have some old

Software unzip. If compatibility with the tools necessary,

You can optionally encrypt digit passwordlegacy

-mezl talk or use a command line switch.

5. Added support for extraction by Lzip Create .LZ rate.

6. Modern equipment can save time TAR file highly accurate long

File size and file size onPAX expand special

TAR archive. PAX is now head WinRARsupport

And when the kegunaanmereka TAR archives.

7. Keep the new time correction option archive Future

Conversations can not be used to solve time document storage

The archiveRAR. Former high precision time solution

Selection mode time is replaced with high precision.

8. The full path in the options window in Settings / General discussion.

If launched, the full path is now open files or documents

Show titleThe barWinRAR.

9. New Settings Page / Archives offer document types for membukasebagai

The first set of storage options. Here you can determine how to

Or double click on a file archival and archival

Content needs to be processed in the list of documentsWinRAR. Example

Or .docx document is a collection .exe.

You can directly open WinRAR files such as storage,

To run them, treat them the same or different

Inoutside and the archive,Not to publish the document type set

Even if they do not contain any hidden content.

Set at the beginning of self exe mutually open and run

Other types of documents connected to the Gazette.

Regardless of this option,You can always open like

Documents collected by pressing Ctrl + PgDn to its name in the list of documents WinRAR.

10. new copy to clipboard command in the File menu full name

Filesselected name to the clipboard.

This command is also added to the menu display

When you right-click on the file listWinRAR. Certain other

Which appears in the toolbar or utamamenu,

Like and repaired, removed from the context menu.

11. LZ and more ZIPX list of associations configuration / integration


12.LZ and ZIPX link has been added to a list for default

Switch MS (specify file types to collect) prayers without parameters.

13. You can switch the value charset define’F -sC use UTF-8

Encryption.For example:

rar -scfl arcname @

Read the text is UTF-8.

14. lt RAR and order vt documents show a nanosecond

Create ketepatan.ketepatan it RAR5

By RAR / Unix and new. WinRAR archives created with 100N

Filed in time.

15. Only ‘+’, ‘-‘ and improve accuracy’1’ support

In -ts change now. Use the ‘+’ to save documents to take maximum

Accuracy – ‘out of time to file and’ 1 ‘record

1 second accuracy. Model accuracy between the

Determined by’2′ and Converters ‘3’ can not be used in RAR

Pick and attention by sharing TS.

16 If a password is entered when salahkata open encrypted documents

In RAR5 archives, WinRAR offers the correct password

For the same file again rather postpone extraction.

17.Data path document is displayed when the mouse is placed in pointerthe

File stored in the Windows operating progress.

18. Squeeze profile name now showing movement

In the archives of the above;Button.

19. If the search command used in a subfolder of the store,

TermasukLaluan file name to search in this folder.

So it will only start from this subfolder.

20. fixed bugs:

a) WinRAR failed tounravel the files compressed zip archive

XZ algorithm and encrypted with AES;

b) If the progress bar for Windowsoption setting WinRAR is closed

And put documents in a separate storage has been used,

Part of the progress bar does not show

Information to accurately;

c)Progress of extraction of SFX archive a false case

multivolume SFXarkib are larger than 4 GB;

d) If the folder names preserved area includes trailing, if users

Select the file and extract the number one root folder archive store

Allow your name and if alternative extractionpotentiallycompatible

Was closed, WinRAR could lose one or more of the characters

Folder extract;

e) If only the creation or last access time of just documents were recorded in RAR5

collected1 second accuracy, as -ma5 -tsm- -tsa1

Swiss time recorded extracts diabaikanapabila.

WinRAR v5.50

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